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“Air Works is one of the leading independent providers of Aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services in India and Aircraft Paint and Refinishing in the UK and Aircraft Management Services in Middle East, West Africa, East Asia & India. The company has presence across 7 countries across the world and provides a suite of aviation services comprising MRO Engineering Services, Aircraft Management Services, Avionics Upgrades and Aircraft Painting. Air Works has operations across India, UK, France, Middle East & Eastern Europe. The company is Rated A- by FITCH, an international credit rating agency.

Air Works India’s first EASA certified Airline MRO and the largest and only EASA certified Business Aviation MRO with Business and Commercial Aviation MRO capabilities across 20 locations in India. It provides Avionic Retrofits and Upgrades for Business Aviation Aircraft ( A Joint Venture with Scandinavian Avionics).

Air Works has Aircraft painting and refinishing facilities and services in Europe and India for commercial, corporate and defense aircraft with over 20 painting bays across UK, France and Slovak Republic. It is the First Line Vendor to Airbus and paints 100+ “green” aircraft for Airbus in Toulouse, France.”
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